Check out our watercolor paintings – our watercolor artists can paint your photo too

Welcome to our Aquarelle or Watercolor Showcase

Here you will find a selection of our beautiful Watercolor paintings painted by our very skilled Watercolor artists whom specialize in this particular medium and only accept commissions in aquarelle.

The reason being that we only like to employ specialists, whom are fully committed to painting in the same medium. What this means is they never take their eye off the ball so to speak and are always improving rather than taking a step back (which it would be) if they decided to branch out and take a commission in another medium. Here at Love Custom Art we like our artists to be real master craftsmen and never vier off of their medium and therefore have full focus.

We feel this is the best strategy to ensure we have the best quality in this particular field. We focus on quality to out perform our competitors and thus at the same time our clients know that when they invest their money and time in creating a one off original masterpiece they know they can be sure that working together we will not stop until maximum perfection is achieved.
We can make as many revisions as required in Watercolor as the name would suggest it is water-based so no problem with revisions or modifications.

Aquarelle is a water soluble paint that is semi-transparent. When applied by one of our specialist watercolor painters can, when done correctly, appear to be completely transparent as it is always painted on white paper (where our other mediums Oil and Acrylic are painted on quality linen canvas) which when mixed with the paint you can achieve the transparency.

If you would like to commission one of our professional watercolor photo painters then don’t hesitate to send in your photo or photos to one of our expert team for inspection.