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First 1 2 3 [ 4 of 17 ] 5 6 7 8 9 10 Last is a website primarily devoted to providing Portrait paintings from customer photographs on quality 100% Linen canvas and cotton/polyester for stretched canvases. [no]
For Mother's day there is no better gift than a beautiful oil portrait from a favourite photo!
Today the process of owning your own personal portrait painting is made very simple thanks to the internet. You can commission your own portrait paintings from sentimental photos and be in charge of the process and the outcome all the way from the start to the finish.
Here at Love custom art we enjoy Valentine's day when it comes around as it is one of our busiest times of the year.
How do I place an order? The Order process for a print on canvas is very simple. To receive your Print on canvas just follow the 3 simple steps: 1. Upload photos or send photographs via e-mail2. select size3. Select rolled, or stretched canvasFinished! What sizes do you offer?Currently we...
Love Custom Art have a lot to announce this summer as they ramp up their sponsorship and advertising campaign with a new Daily Deals page and charity photo to painting personalized art sponsorship offers to go to worth while causes donated completely free!
How much does it cost to have my photo painted?The pricing depends on several factors from size, framing, amount of figures and if you include the express service during the actual order process. To get a first idea please visit our price page and check the size and figure count then add o...
Love Custom Art can transform your photo's into beautiful work's of art onto 100% cotton canvas's which can last a lifetime. Hand painted Custom Art Portraits from your favorite photographs are our specialty! Our artist will paint your photo in oil, acrylic, charcoal, watercolor, pencil or pastel. ...
What image is suitable? For a photo print on canvas the photo quality should have a good enough quality to result in a quality print. Feel free to email us the photo you would like printed before you submit your order and we be able to give advise on the best suitable print size. If you are inter...
Present a special gift to Mom this year that she will never forget with . Love Custom Art have excellent discounts for Mother's Day with 30% off all hand painted personalized works of art from your photographs!For a limited time only a 30% discount on all hand painted canvas produc...
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