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Is the delivery of my portrait painting order insured?Yes! We use FEDEX, DHL, UPS or TNT which all orders are fully insured when your paintings are in transit.To which countries do you ship free of charge? Austria Italy Spain Belgium Luxembourg Sweden Czech Republic Malta Lichtenstei...
There are so many dimensions to photos to paintings from format to what medium you choose and how you choose to edit the photo and what you add in that process. It really is all up to you what you add in photos to paintings as this is literally your project you undertake so you are in charge of the ...
Get your favorite pet photo painted on canvas - pet portraits are a great gift idea!
Prints on canvas How long is the turnaround time?The turnaround time depends on 2 factors: - selected photo editing - difficulty Photo editing: For prints on canvas without a special editing style the turnaround time is 4-6 days. With a special editing style selected it will take 8-10 d...
Custom Art Portraits from photos are our speciality. You can send us your photo and it will be turned into a hand painted portrait on canvas. Talented artists paint your photo in oil, this makes a great gift for any occasion.
Custom Art Portraits How long is the turnaround time? The turnaround time depends on 2 factors: - Size - Difficulty Size:For standard custom portrait paintings our turnaround time is 20 days and 11 for priority. Difficulty:More difficult pieces may take longer, but you will be made aware o...
Oil paintings from photographs are a very popular choice among our customers. The results from photo painting in oil are much more realistic than watercolor or pencil for example. Work directly with your own photo painter  in real-time.
All of our art work is 100% hand made nothing computer generated when creating an oil portrait on 100% hand made cotton canvas for you to have a permanent piece of history hanging on the wall rather than just a picture in a frame.
b { font-size: 16px; } strong { font-size: 16px; } Is the delivery of my Print on canvas order insured? Yes! We use FEDEX, DHL, UPS or TNT which all orders are fully insured. To which countries does the $19 fee shipping apply? Austria Italy Spain Belgium ...
A wonderful gift is always, dog portraits from personal photographs for you, friends & family. You can simply turn your favourite photos into beautiful works of art! In oil, pastel, watercolour, charcoal, by a professional artist on quality 100% cotton canvas. 
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