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Today the process of owning your own personal portrait painting is made very simple thanks to the internet.
What is the history behind Valentine's Day?
Mom's on Mother's day love gifts and one special way is to customize or personalize your present. Love Custom Art offer FREE personalization!
If you have any old photos of your pet burning a hole in your pocket or album then bring them to life as a work of art, beautiful pet portraits from photos are a wonderful way to bring a favourite picture of your pet out of the dressing table or draw and have them hanging on the wall for all to see ...
For Mother's day there is no better gift idea than a beautiful oil portrait from a favourite photo!
A custom oil painting as a gift is a wonderful surprise and a very unique one to present on special occasions or as a corporate offering when introducing partnerships for example.
A wonderful gift to present to a loved one is a painting from photo in oil, watercolour, pastel, Acrylic, pencil or charcoal.
Come and order your personal portrait painting today with Love Custom Art for a fraction of the cost of a normal commission. Our work is done differently here as we commission portraits by offering a painting from photo service, rather than the traditional method of a sit in session where you have t...
Love Custom Art create unique customized art on canvas. You send your photo and our artists will turn a photo into a painting.
All custom portraits are 100% hand painted by university graduate talented professional portrait artists at affordable prices. Love Custom Art have a very dedicated team of professional digital imaging artists, photo editors and graphic designers to assist you any time in the photo to painting ...
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