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Photo to Pet Portrait

                100% hand painted by a professional artist           
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Pet's are very special to us, we treat them like one of the family, well that's because they are one of the family that we raise from a baby be it a pup or kitten etc. And the best way to celebrate is to have a portrait of your pet from your archive of photographs in your album or from your phone painted in oil or another medium of your choice.


Pet Portraits painted from your Pictures


The pet portrait you will receive will be hand-painted from scratch, from your pictures in oil (most popular) or acrylic, watercolor, pastel, pencil, color pencil etc. Here at Love Custom Art we specialize in domestic animals dogs, cats and horses, but you can choose to commission a portrait of any animal and we will capture the true nature through their energy and expression. 

From your initial inquiry, to photo editing, to the painting, we will provide a contactable and excellent standard of customer service throughout the pet portraits from photos process–from design to paint to delivery with our 100% safe worldwide shipping using DHL or FedEx. You will find the whole process simple and easy and overall an enjoyable experience. 

Commissioning a portrait is the perfect gift to present to someone you care for and create a memorial for them if their favourite animal has left us and passed on. What a unique and magic way to touch the hearts of animal lovers everywhere as a gift from photo to painting. Contact us if you have any questions about commissioning pet portraits from photos.


Merging Separate Photos

We make it easy!

You literally have no chance of your dog or cat striking a pose and holding it so an artist can paint them live and in real time. Or at the very least it would prove to be extremely difficult but here at Love Custom Art we have a solution for you! pet paintings from a photo.
Our very special artists can paint your love one or loved ones from your own personal photographs.
It takes the hassle out of the experience and makes for a much better time. We can fuse two or three photos (or more) if you have different photos of your pets you want in the one portrait.


Approval Process

Be in charge!

Before your photo goes off to paint by a professional artist our graphic designers make sure that all colours sink together, background, the proportions of the characters fit and we must have your approval before any pet photos are sent to our studio to paint by a selected artist.
We can also offer prints on canvas of your pet portraits where you can have a photo printed on canvas rather than a hand painted portrait if you wish to have a more cost effective way, and if you have a deadline for a special occasion like a birthday. We simply take your edited photo and print it on to canvas with many different styles to choose from whichever you prefer.


Love Your Pet

Cherish those special moments you share with your pet

Whichever style or format you choose pet portraits from photographs will make the ideal gift for family and friends work colleges, teachers etc.
We at Love Custom Art pride ourselves on our pet paintings whether it be dog, cat, horse, budgie, parrot, we have made a work of art onto canvas. 
You may also like to have a split canvas where you can have the same photo split into sections or even different paintings as a split collage from different pets.
The choice is yours, we will try to accommodate any request from you if it is within our power and any custom size (if possible) for pet portraits and any other type of portraits we offer.
Also all of our orders are insured with our worldwide couriers so you can rest assured that your order will be safe.

We all love our pets as members of the family and are really worth all our love and we all have many photos of them in our albums. The best way to translate that special photo is onto canvas as a pet portrait with a fine array of mediums to choose – watercolour, oil acrylic, to name but a few!

Get your very own Pet Portrait from Photo


We can turn a pet portrait from a photo into a magical work of art to adorn your office or living room with warm colours and a vibrant feel. All you have to do is choose the photo you would like converted and we will endeavourer to make that a reality. 

All we need is a photo with as high a resolution as possible so our artist's can see all the details and your pet portrait from photo can become a reality from as little as 15 day's if you choose our express service. 

Please note that every photo is different so painting time will depend on the size of canvas selected and how difficult it is to paint.  

We would like the whole experience for our clients to have as pleasant a time as possible while you are going through the motions of ordering your pet portrait from photo from us. The experience should be a good one we feel so that you will want to come back again and again as most of our customers do.


Pet portraits from photos are a very popular choice and even Horse breeders choose to turn their champions into an oil portrait from photo from time to time not just cat and dog lovers. We have the talent here to actually make the photo come alive in a pet portrait from photo in the texture of colours and wonderful backgrounds that you can choose to impose or stick with the original background if you wish, up to you.  

Or even have an original colour photo turned into a black and white in the editing process of your pet portrait from photo before it goes to the artist to paint, there is so much you can do to your picture to tailor make it to your design so that at the end you have the exact piece that you envisioned of your pet.
Pet portrait paintings from photos make a Wonderful gift for all pet owners
From dogs, cats, horses to birds and exotic animals - our artist's can paint your pet photo and make it a memorable piece of artwork . A portrait painting of your pet will be created by specialist artists who have studied the painting and drawing of pets and are masters in having your photo painted/drawn as realistically as can be. 
Our 100% hand painted dogs and pets paintings are beautiful gifts and memorial items - turning your photos into a dog portrait, cat painting, horses and of course any other type of pet you own is what we do best!

For a very realistic painting of your pet photo choose an Oil Painting or use acrylic or watercolor to give the painting a special flare. Our artists create realistic paintings showing the pet from that special spark in their eyes to their unique personality shining out of the canvas.  

Their playful nature rolling in the grass, they all make your beloved pet who he or she is.

When you commission pet portraits from photos for yourself or as a gift, you want more than just oil painted on canvas.

That's why the custom painted portraits by Love Custom Art's hand picked pet portrait artists captures the energy and personality of your dog, cat or horse in such a way that you can see just how the artist has encapsulated the pets essence in pet portraits from photos painted on canvas.


Pet portraits from photos hanging on your wall In the home gives you a real sense of warmth. Or in the office it's a proven fact that canvas art makes employees and customers be in a better mood. If you would like a truly special and uniquely done portrait created by a pet portrait from photos artists with over 16 years experience, commission us for a gallery quality pet portrait today!

Not only will you receive a portrait with the expression and likeness captured on canvas but also a rare one-off piece of fine art.




“To the wonderful people at Love Custom Art, I am so glad I chose your photo painting artists to paint a portrait of my recently passed dog. The painting claims center space on my home office wall where I spend my days, so I can always have the reminder of my beloved CJ. Again, thank you!”


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