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Do you want to earn store credit for a future order with us? Easy!

Simply record a video testimonial for us in which you let us know about your experience and maybe you can even show the recipient when they open the painting?

We will pay $100 to you for your video as the recipient receives the painting. You may ask why? Because we would ask that we can use the video in our marketing activities (website and social media).

If you agree and are ready to earn some credit, we would love to receive your videos.

Note: For a photo testimonial you will receive $50. 

Dog Painting created from a photograph
“To the wonderful people at Love Custom Art, I am so glad I chose your photo painting artists to paint a portrait of my recently passed dog. The painting claims center space on my home office wall where I spend my days, so I can always have the reminder of my beloved CJ. Again, thank you!”


Impressionistic Oil painting of a Sailing Boat
“Very happy with the custom painting I had made of a picture! Exceptional quality and value! I appreciated the regular communication. I will be using LoveCustomArt for more painted pictures again soon for friends and family!”


Oil Painting from several photos combined
“Amazed about the quality and the way they turn a picture into a painting I had ordered from several photos. We were blown away by the extremely good quality of the oil painting. I can recommend Love Custom Art to everyone. And the painting is much better than the picture you get sent over! Thank you Love Custom Art for being there with your great artists!"


Family Portrait painted in oil from a photograph
“My parents were overwhelmed when they received this family portrait as an anniversary gift from me. What a transformation from picture to painting in such a relatively short time. Absolutely stunning, better than I ever could have imagined. And beyond that - the customer service was second to none—beyond ANYcompany I've ever worked with.”


Oil Portrait of a young girl by LoveCustomArt
“We were absolutely thrilled with the painting! The likeness to our daughter is incredible! I was really impressed with the customer service and will certainly recommend the company in the future. Very happy customer :)”


Oil Painting from several photos combined
"Just love the way they turned my photograph to painting. I have attached a couple of photos of it hanging in our snooker room. Thank you so much for going to so much trouble for us. Best wishes"

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