The perfect gift idea for any occasion is a website primarily devoted to providing Portrait paintings from customer photographs on quality 100% Linen canvas and cotton/polyester for stretched canvases.  
perfect gift idea paint my photo

Personal portrait paintings from photos make wonderful gifts for family and friends to remind them of a special time in there lives. Whether it be the time when they passed their driving test captured in a photo or the purchase of their first home or the birth of a child it doesn't matter what occasion in someone's life that is captured in a photo can be transformed into an oil painting from photo, a work of art to adorn a place in your home, office or shop hung in there as a constant reminder of those special times rather than just keeping the photos in a frame.

Here at Love Custom Art we are passionate at what we do, providing our customers with Museum quality portrait paintings in oil onto canvas from personal photo's. We also provide Custom Art for all occasions whether it be Weddings, Birthday's, St Valentine's, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mothers & Fathers day, memorial days, christening gifts, all religious festivals and sacred day's throughout the year.

We provide World class top quality paintings by university graduate professional artist's, hand made from your photo and to your detailed specifications.

We pride ourselves on quality and efficiency of service and customer support is of the most serious importance to us. There are many things you can do with a portrait painting from photo. We offer all different kinds of mediums from Acrylic to Pastel to Pencil and Charcoal if you would like something rather than oil.

We also offer an image consultation service absolutely free! First graphic designers will review and meticulously analyse your photo and suggest the best way to translate your photo onto canvas.

Commission your own personal piece of art with us from a special photo you have unintentionally kept hidden away somewhere in a box piled up with other photos and bring it out of the unseen back to life as a personalized portrait painting.

Order your Portrait Painting from photo today

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