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Turn a Photograph into a Painting, Turn Picture into Oil Painting
Love Custom Art create unique customized art on canvas. You send your photo and our artists will turn a photo into a painting.

turn your photos into paintings

Love Custom Art focus on a quality personalized Photo to Painting service and customer care as our number one priority. A member of the customer service representative team will be there to assist you through the motions every step of the way to turn your photo into a painting, keep you updated on delivery times and the progression of your custom portrait painting.

Turn your pictures into oil paintings with the portrait artists at

Commission an original piece of art by Love Custom Art and have beautiful canvas art from photos to display in the home. A piece of family history, a moment in your life which you have captured in a fleeting second in a picture and then a professional artist will translate it into beautiful colours as an oil painting or acrylic painting, watercolour painting, pastel painting, pencil, colour pencil or Charcoal drawing from your photos painted onto linen or cotton/poly canvas. Which will be a permanent recollection every time you look upon it of that wonderful time of your loved ones having fun which you can hold dear forever.

Made to Order Oil Portraits  as unique gift idea for any occasion

Convert your photo into an oil painting and adorn your home. Oil portraits make a special gift for any time: birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, valentines day gifts, Christmas gifts, christening gifts etc. The art of being able to turn a photo into a painting is very creative from the moment a photograph has been received. The photograph needs to be analysed to see if it is a workable image so not to waste anyone's time. Then the design process starts with the guide of the customers instructions as to how the photo should turn into a painting. This is why the painting from a photo system has been set up the way it is. Get the photo design correct and approved by the customer before it is sent to an artist to start the portrait painting.

One of Love Custom Art's professional artists will turn your photo into a realistic, true – to – life oil portrait painting ( gallery quality ) which you can cherish and pass down from generation to generation as a family heirloom because photos fade canvases don't!

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