Valentine's Day Gifts
Here at Love custom art we enjoy Valentine's day when it comes around as it is one of our busiest times of the year.
Couples in Love turning their photo's into hand painted works of art from when they first met or got Married or engaged, it really is the time of year for couples in love to show how much they mean to each other by having their photo's of special times past translated onto canvas in one of our mediums like oil, pastel, watercolour, acrylic or a pencil or charcoal drawing.

Our paintings make a wonderful accompaniment gift to the customary flowers and heart shaped chocolates that are sold every year. Treat you loved one to a nice meal with Champagne in an ice cold bucket on Valentine's day and then present the painting when the evening is over and you are back home, or have your portrait hanging on the wall all ready in place as the crescendo to end a splendid day!

Married couples also like to reinvigorate their wedding album this time of year by blowing the dust off of all those beautiful memories that have been left in the dark, hidden in a draw somewhere and brought back centre stage in the form of a nice oil painting. Or holiday snaps from favourite places brought back to life in a portrait or landscape painting.

Any circumstance, any place, anywhere, animals on a safari, pets, family, classic cars, any quality photo you have we can turn it into a real work of art onto 100% quality cotton canvas that can last for several life times.

You capture the moment and we will do the rest on Valentine's day to turn your photo into your own commissioned personalised piece of bespoke artwork to brighten up any room at work or at home.

Choose Love Custom Art for your Valentine's day gifts....

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