Portrait Painting For Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day perfect gift idea

Valentine's Day at Love Custom Art's fully interactive online store is a one stop shop for all your photo to painting needs at this special time of year. Find the best Valentine's Day Photo to Painting gifts on the web for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day at Love Custom Art - you will find amazing Valentine's Day Photo to Painting Gift's at discounted rates found nowhere else on the web for Valentine's Day this year. Buy a Hand Painted Portrait for your Valentine, create a one off original piece of artwork from your precious memories transformed onto canvas designed from a favourite photo/photos for your Valentine's day gift. Unbeatable Valentine's Day Hand Painted Portrait deals on quality linen or synthetic cotton/poly canvases for your most desirable Picture to painting Valentine's Day!

The process:

Choose which photo or photos you would like to use then you will be allocated your own personal graphic designer to work along side as you design your very own picture to painting personalized canvas for that special Valentine in your life for Valentine's day. If you are married you could choose to have some Wedding photos painted together to customize a canvas and create an original Oil Painting for a Valentine's day gift, or if you have a pet - a Portrait Painting montage could be formed from multiple photos in the design room, change backgrounds from other photos, to present your favourite furry friend Pet Portrait to your nearest and dearest for Valentine's day this year, created by yourself from your own ideas - a one off original canvas picture to painting for Valentine's day he or she will never forget and will have that memory hanging on the wall in pride of place for the rest of your lives together!


When embarking on designing your own canvas the first thing to decide is what medium you would like the custom canvas be painted in?

Portrait Painting Mediums Love Custom Art offer are:

1.) Oil (very popular)
2.) Acrylic
3.) Watercolor (Gouache)
4.) Charcoal (popular)
5.) Pencil
6.) Color Pencil

Styles; all of the above Portrait Paintings in:

Realistic Portrait/Landscape
Impressionistic Portrait/Landscape

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