Why Custom Art Makes Wonderful Wedding Gifts
Custom artwork is truly a unique gift to give to the new bride and groom. What better way could there be to capture their special moments in time? You could choose a special photo of the couple, their favorite spot, or you could have a custom oil painting done from their photograph.
Unique gifts for the wedding party such as bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts can be hard to come by, especially ones that should last a lifetime, and not just be tossed aside. You will want to give a gift that they will smile at, and remember, for years to come.

Portraits should be a work of art that can proudly be displayed on their walls, or mantle. Like a good painting it should tell a story, or give off a strong emotion. That is easily done with couples deeply in love. Custom artwork can do even better as you will have the choice for which moment in time, or special place to capture uniquely for the couple. Better yet, it can be a complete surprise since they use photographs, there are no sittings required and no need to inform them of your intent if borrowing a photograph. It really proves to be a one-of-a-kind gift that no one else will be giving the new couple.

A great idea, if the couple chooses a mat board for the guest book, would be to use it with the hand painted portrait. It would be most memorable gift to have a custom portrait surrounded by all of their friends and families names plus any wishes they may have given for the couples future. What a wondrous keepsake this will be for the couple to hang upon their wall for everyone to see.

Typically with custom artwork you will have a lot of choices as to the size, and whether or not you would like it rolled, stretched or even framed. You should also get the final approval, meaning as soon as the painting is done, the company will allow you to view a photograph of the finished work. From here you would ask for changes, or give the company the go ahead to ship it. Just in case, be sure to ask about any guarantees too.

Choosing custom art as bridal party gifts is a very simple process. You simply upload the photograph you would like to use, and place your order. Depending upon the size you've chosen will determine how long it will take till the final painting is finished, but it typically takes about a month or longer. However, this is because each picture is hand painted by an artist using top quality materials.

Talented artists can paint portraits from elaborate, highly detailed photographs or from simple ones too. Every portrait order is painted by hand, no machines are ever used, so rest assured that every minor detail will be covered with the love and care it deserves. For a truly special and utterly unequaled gift, choose a custom work of art, so the couple can display their love and affection for all to see.

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