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Valentine’s Day is a celebration once a year to make a fuss of your Loved one. To show love and gentleness. A time to be romantic and show your love and inner most deepest feelings. This year consider something out of the ordinary – a unique and heartwarming gift  that goes beyond the norm, consider the magic of original personalized works of art from your personal photographs. At, we transform your cherished beloved photos into timeless masterpieces, creating a unique gift that captures the essence of your history in a relationship and love together.

Capture Moments, Save Memories:

Our services turn your pictures into personalized art. We transform ordinary photographs into extraordinary original works of art. Whether it’s a moment in a beloved wedding photo, or a moment of adventures, our professional portrait painters will create each masterpiece to capture the emotions and memories of the time that you hold dear.

Valentine’s Day Custom Art Offers:

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your loved one with a present that shows just how much you love them. Our range of mediums to choose from: Oil, watercolour, Acrylic, pencil, colour pencil and charcoal to personalized your canvas in various styles. Stunning oil paintings that evoke love and romance, abstract and modern works that capture the essence and uniqueness of your connection, and more. Choose your favourite photo and commission a painting at and watch our artists transform it into a beautiful masterpiece on canvas that will be cherished forever.

Express Your Unique Journey:

What makes our custom personalized art unique is the ability to tell your love story on the canvas through various paint mediums. Whether it’s the subtle strokes of charcoal, the rich consistency of oil, the vibrant character of acrylic, the delicate translucency of watercolour, or the fine contours of pencil, professional artists skilfully incorporate these choice of mediums to bring your love story to life on canvas. Each brushstroke is a testament to your Love story, creating a truly meaningful and personalised gift that will last for generations.

Valentine’s Day and Beyond:

While Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of the year to express your love to the fullest, our customised art isn’t just for Valentines Day, our personalised art makes exceptional gifts throughout the year on any day you wish to present a special thoughtful gift to someone that you love, for example; Anniversaries, birthdays, Weddings, berths, bar Mitzvah or just because – our original creations are a very thoughtful way to celebrate the Love and connection you share. Enhance your gift-giving experience with Custom art that captures the essence of your relationship.

How It Works:

Ordering your personalized art from LoveCustomArt is a simple and enjoyable process. Visit our website: and choose the paint medium and style that most appeals to you. Whether it’s oil, acrylic, pencil, colour pencil, watercolour, or charcoal, our skilled professional artists will work their magic on your personalised canvas. Simply upload your favourite photo or photos, share any specific preferences, and as much detail as you wish as to how you want your original piece. Watch us create a masterpiece that truly reflects your vision.

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the norm and surprise your partner with a piece of your heart with personalized art from LoveCustomArt: Our creations are not just paintings; they are a tribute to your love and relationship together, a visual representation painted on canvas of your unique bond you have. Explore the possibilities of transforming your cherished memories from photos into timeless original masterpieces using different paint mediums that you will hold dear for a lifetime and be able to pass on to family. Express your love in a way that just words can’t capture – through the beauty of Customised personalized art.

Valentines Day is celebrated in all Protestant countries in the Northern Hemisphere, especially The United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland to name a few.

England: In England Valentines Day is celebrated between partners presenting cards with gifts but mostly flowers presented to the lady is the most traditional thing they do at this time of year.

Sweden: In Swedish it is called: Alla hjärtans dag and they celebrate a bit different in that they, of course celebrate in the traditional way by making their significant other feel special but in Sweden they also include family members to show love and affection to them too by presenting cards and gifts to them.

Norway: In Norway they celebrate Valentinsdagen very similar to Sweden in that that also give cards to friends as well not just their partners. But they also like to hand anonymous “joke” letters to friends and loved ones called “gaekkebrev”.

Italy: Italy is the land of romance so any chance they get to be romantic they are very enthusiastic about it and San Valentino is a day in the year they go all out. It is tradition to give    “baci perugina“ chocolates and kisses. They normally give a box of hazelnut chocolate with card saying “Ti amo”  I love you! They normally take that special one out for a meal and then a drink after.

France: French people love to love and celebrate La Saint-Valentin. It is another place where romance is very prominent within their culture and on Valentines day they exchange presents and letters and celebrate with food and wine. Actually the  term be my Valentine was supposed to be coined by the Duke of Orleans, when he wrote a poem to his lover and called her “my valentine” from prison in the 15th Century.