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Pastel paintings from photo - send us your photo and one of our talented artists will transform it into a pastel painting.

Pastel paintings created from your favorite photograph - your photo will be hand painted in pastel

How does this work?
1. Make sure the size of your painting is what you are looking for
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6. Wait to view the pastel painting - confirm it or send us modification comments
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Get Your Special Photos Made into Pastel Drawings

Do you have a photograph that you would like to have rendered as a pastel drawing? The artists at can make it happen.

You can simply upload your photo from their website (images larger than 8 MB should be emailed to will make a pastel drawing from your photo of people, animals or landscape. We can work from almost any photo, provided the details of the subjects are sufficiently clear. You are advised to submit photos by email so that we can evaluate whether the resolution is high enough to use. We can add or remove objects, merge several photos, change colors (such as hair or clothing), change the background, or add text.

You may select from many different styles of frame, or have your drawing mailed to you in a tube. These were chosen to flatter pastel drawings.

A standard portrait would have a turnaround time of about 20 days, 15 days for priority. The size and difficulty of the piece can increase this time, as can any requested modifications in the photo to pastel drawing process, or revision of the final drawing. You will be given an estimate of the time required after we have reviewd the photo. We usually get any changes to the photo right on the first try, but you may request unlimited changes. Please combine as many changes as possible in a single request.

We offer FREE shipping for your pastel painting and you can pick a FREE gift wrapping option if you want. All orders are fully insured while in transit.

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